Christmas party for Indoor-Cyclists and their partner

On 28. November we had the Christmas party of Red Rock Cycling. After a year of maltreating and pain it it was high time to meet at an other level. The evening started with a knowledge test and the winner got the honorary doctor diploma. After that everybody could prove his/ her skills (or missing skills) in a bowling tournament. In between we bestowed two awards for the most active Indoor-Cyclists.

On reason why we do Indoor-Cycling is that we want to get in shape beside having fun. Therefore, we had a beauty contest for the most beautiful legs of our male participants. Unfortunately, nobody of the contestants had shaved legs - this is a reproach to all Cyclists, but this will be different in the future. The winner got a shaving kit for painless hair removal.

At the end we had a auction to save some money. It was really interesting that Andreas "bought" both women at the auction.

On the whole, it was a successful evening and it wasn't the last party.  -> Pictures of the Christmas party

Special prices, awards and winners of bowling


Bowling Men

1st place:    Paul

2nd place:    Harry

3rd place:    Volker



1st place:    Brigitte

2nd place:    Kathleen

3rd place:    Andrea M.



1st place:    Jenny



Most participations in Indoor-Cycling

Ralf and Angelika


Special price

Most beautiful legs



Best "Labertasche"



Honorary doctor diploma




Matz - "bought" by Ronny

Janni - "bought" by Andreas

Volker and Merten - "bought" by Ramona

Ines - "bought" by Andreas

Paul - "bought" by Janni